About Ms. Helms' Technical Writing Skills

"Rebecca's writing and editing skills have been a huge asset to our company and the clients with whom we work.  She came into a new position without much structure or guidance and provided the needed organization and innovation to succeed.  Everything she touches results in a better product thanks to her efforts.  She not only can edit to ensure the rules are followed, but she makes valuable suggestions for improving content.  She has become an integral team member and her positive attitude is infectious." Jeanine O., MIL Corp.



About Ms. Helms' Technical Editing Skills

“After working on my Doctoral dissertation for three years I needed someone to proofread and edit my final copy.  Rebecca not only edited spelling and grammar issues, but also identified a few APA formatting issues.  Her quick and thorough review of my dissertation helped me to get from format editing to final publication in just a matter of weeks!”

Dr. D. Bowen, National University

About Ms. Helms' Novel, Singing in the Corn

"What a great book! Pushes all the emotional buttons that makes you care about the characters, just draws you in and doesn't let go. Don't make any plans the day you read this book because you won't put it down till you're done with it. I look forward to reading Ms. Helms' next book!"

M. Dashberry


About Ms. Helms' Novel, Singing in the Corn

"You can feel the south in this book. It is steeped in it. I gave it this rating as the author was able to evoke a myriad of emotions from me. I laughed, I cried and at times was just plain uncomfortable, but it resonated. Looking forward to reading more in the life of Riley." Norma Jean Largent

About Ms. Helms' Business Writing Skills

"Rebecca's creativity and technical skills make her an ideal writer for any company's process or production teams. She is thorough and up-to-date on the latest information and document management tools and systems available. Her ability to lead cross functional teams gets the job done and people seem to respond well to her can-do attitude!"    

K. Escarcega


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