Singing in the Corn

As Riley Janes wakes up in a hospital room, unable to speak, she remembers just enough about “the accident” to know it was no accident at all. The doctors urge her to write what she remembers, but evil and secrets can’t just be blurted out—even on paper. She can’t remember if the one who put her here, Billy Jack, is dead or in jail, either one is fine by her. So Riley sets out to remember what got her here and to work through the betrayal and loss of innocence. And now, she’s more determined than ever to make her way out of her small hometown in Isle of Hope, Georgia.



"It was the music of the leaves, wind, and sweat that lulled me through those rows like I was in some sort of trance. As long as I didn't divulge the secrets of what the men did without the women around, I was allowed to run shirtless, singing and talking to myself, honing some perfect song."                  From Singing in the Corn

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